Since its founding in 1932, Merba has been an industrial cookie producer. With a large emphasis on innovation and progress the factory has grown from 5000 square meters in 1979, to 50.000 square meters in 2010.

In this period of over thirty years Merba has relocated their production facility within the Netherlands, amplified their production capacity, and introduced multiple products to worldwide markets. Merba’s tireless efforts to continue expanding its production activities concerning differentiation and optimization of both the products and the production process still result in an increase of quality and efficiency.

Despite the worldwide supplies of high volumes Merba still retains flexibility because various sales can entail product customization in terms of recipe, size, weight and/or packaging. Adjustable and advanced machinery, and continuously educated personnel achieve such flexibility. Merba’s goal is to manufacture high quality cookie products, contemporary and modern, often under private label with a good price/quality ratio by using a modern production park in which automation and labor reduction are central in combination with high production volumes by increasingly operating global. The combination of human capital development, technological and artisan innovation and automation, and both effective and efficient flexibility results in a firm and growing position in a highly competitive market.

Merba sets high requirements regarding food safety and social sustainability; these are integrated into every facet of the processes. Thus, this enables Merba to persevere a growing excellence in the standard of the products and in the entire production process while upholding low prices.