granini has always been more than just a juice. The iconic bottle with its dimples and the promise to only ever use the best fruits set the brand apart from its competitors. From its very beginnings and continuing to this day, granini has delivered true fruitiness and wonderful taste experiences that help create little moments of pleasure in people’s everyday lives.

It is famous for its fruity and delicious taste as well as for its diversity. The first juices granini came up with were Banana, Peach and Williams Christ Pear, to name but a few. Today, the range includes more than 40 different juices and nectars, all made from perfectly ripened and carefully selected fruit.

Whenever you see a product with the granini logo on it, you can be sure it has been made with all the expertise and dedication of our employees and suppliers around the world to match the highest of quality standards.


Not every type of fruit makes it into granini juice. Find out about our strict selection standards.

its come without contain any amount of sugar or any other matters.



Fruits come in many varieties. Some types and species are just nice to look at; some are delicious to eat. Only a small portion, however, will yield the perfect juice, such as the Yellow Cling Peach from Spain, the Smooth Cayenne Pineapple from Thailand, the South African Ruby Red Pink Grapefruit, the Stevens Cherry or the Williams Christ Pear, to name but a few. These are the ones we pick for granini – even though some of them may look a bit odd and are unlikely to catch your eye on a supermarket shelf.






In spite of the long-standing relationships we have with many of our reliable partners, we have them audited by independent quality institutes on a regular basis. We never buy cheap fruit from spot markets. Instead, we thoroughly inspect each individual harvest to guarantee our superior quality standards. And it is not until a given lot of fruit has passed the full set of our rigorous sensorial, ingredient and microbiological tests that it may be called ‘granini fruit’.







granini is one of the oldest juice industry around the world and its bring it's experience to the consumer, take a look to this videos that explain why granini is one of the best juice industry in Europe and the world Click here