Kuchen Meister


When Julius Trockels his bakery founded in 1884, he had back technical skill, understanding of economic operation and a widespread awareness of quality. Then as now, freshness and quality of our raw materials are just as important as a conscious and careful processing. Every single step of baking is thereby closely monitored.

Although KuchenMeister has long been a world company, but the quality control is still in family hands.

The use of fats and oils is essential in the preparation of our baked goods. KuchenMeister used - in addition to high-quality vegetable fats and oils - as an exception, for the balanced taste some baked goods, butter. The products we vegetable fats / oils can be based on sunflower and rapeseed, palm or coconut. The choice of a fat / oil is in the specific characteristics and justified the technological requirements of each pastry and the wishes of our customers.

Halal Siegel
Many KuchenMeister products meet Muslim dietary laws, they are halal. Since we for making our baked goods exclusively vegetable ingredients (except eggs and dairy products) use the Halal Siegel refers to our home on the exclusion of alcohol and dairy products, which are manufactured with animal rennet.
At the special request of our commercial customers a part of our bakery also has a halal certification.