515172172015_Capture.PNG The finest fruit from German cultivation form the basis for our domestic products. In several German growing regions, we work together with growers, whose fruits we continue to handle them with care to quality nectars and direct juices.

Many delicious varieties everyone finds his favorites. At Albi everything revolves around the invention and development of methods by which you can maintain the natural flavor of the fruit. Of course, only the fruits are used, which have previously passed a comprehensive aptitude test:

The Albi quality test Our food engineers are always looking for the regions with the best conditions for the respective types of fruit.Only fruits are selected from controlled integrated cultivation. We will check the level of maturity and pay attention to the correct time of harvest. Only when all conditions are met, the fruits may be processed to Albi fruit juices. In addition to our own quality checks of our products are constantly tested by independent food institutions.