Wedel is the oldest chocolate brand in Poland. Its products have been bringing pleasure to consumers for over 160 years. Emil Wedel was an unwavering optimist, who infected others with his attitude. Sweets bearing Wedel's name quickly won people's hearts and the business went into the hands of subsequent generations, which perfected the art of making chocolate.


Karol Wedel opens a confectioner’s shop and a craft workshop at Miodowa Street in Warsaw

Karol Wedel came to Poland from Berlin and in 1851, set up his own business in Warsaw.

In the tasteful interiors at Miodowa Street, Karol Wedel, accompanied by his wife, Karolina, served drinking chocolate. In addition to the sweet delicacies, ”Cukiernia E.Wedel” (E.Wedel Confectioner’s Shop) offered also pharmaceutical products: malt syrup, cough caramels and peppermint pastilles.

Wedel’s delicacies were highly popular among the local people, who visited the shop in crowds, tasting the interesting flavour compositions not yet known to them.