Deas Olive

family owned company founded in 1989. The processing – selling of olives started in middle 60’s selling moderately the family’s olives but due to the constant development today DEAS SA is a 100% exporting company with exports to more than 50 countries around the world. They are dealingand specializing in every type of olive.


Their wide range of products consists of green, black, Kalamata&confites (oxidized) olives. These olives are sold whole, pitted, dated, stuffed, marinated, sliced etc. They stuff olives with almond, garlic, pimiento, red natural sweet pepper, red natural hot pepper, caper, onion, jalapeno red and green, sun dried tomato, cucumber, whore red or green hot pepper (piri-piri) etc. or even with a combination of the stuffing’s (double stuffed).