Pulmoll has been a tried and true throat pastille for over 60 years and one of the best known brands on the German market.

Pulmoll pastilles were invented by the French pharmacist Jacques Lafarge in 1946 right outside the gates of Paris. The brand name is derived from the Latin word ‘pulmonis’, which means lungs. The small pastilles were such a great success in France that shortly after their first appearance on the market other tastes were introduced as well. Ten years later, the Laboratoires Lafarge was already producing more than ten million tins per year.

The unique flavor of the Pulmoll Original is based on a combination of liquorice root, honey and menthol. In 1956 the Pulmoll pastilles were introduced for the first time in Germany as an OTC product (over the counter product). Since then, the Pulmoll pastille has remained virtually unchanged in recipe and thus still offers the unmistakable and unique taste.

The soothing and good-tasting small pastilles in the eye-catching tin quickly became one of the most successful tinned lozenge brands in Germany.

At the beginning of the 1980s, Pulmoll introduced eight additional herbal and fruit varieties to the market.

Since 2012, our sugar-free Pulmoll pastilles contain the sugar substitute Stevia*, which is derived from nature and fruit juice concentrate has also been added to all of the fruit flavours.

Today the Pulmoll product range contains 17 varieties, which are mainly sold in pharmacies, drugstores and food retailers, as well as in many internet shops.

Pulmoll pastilles are available abroad since the 1980s.

In France, Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Spain and meanwhile also in Eastern Europe and overseas fan bases exist. For many of them the small soothing pastilles have become indispensable.

Therefore, the small tinned pastilles are famous far beyond the borders of Germany.

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