Vita Go

SOKO Gorica DOOEL Skopje, а family company established in 1994, based in Republic of North Macedonia.

More than happy to be specialized in production of fruit and refreshing drinks packed in stand-up pouches (well known as Doy-pack). We don’t compromise with quality that’s why our production process is based on high-capacity automatic equipment and is certified with ISO 22000 quality management system.

SOKO share love with the world! Over 95% of our annual production travels to more than 30 foreign countries. Team of 70 employees work with passion, all of us devoted in annual production and sales of over 30 millions of drinks.

SOKO like to do things with passion and love in creating that recognizable irresistible taste, in a practical packaging with fun design and highly controlled and consistant quality.

SOKO believe in constant growth! We at Soko Gorica DOOEL Company strive to continuous improvement, always focusing on highest ethical standards, aiming to exceed our valuable customers’ needs.

SOKO are on a mission is to put smiles on the faces of millions of happy children all over the world as they enjoy and grow with their favorite drink.