Freddi Dolciaria S.p.A.
Started in 1949 as a pastry shop, Freddi Dolciaria becomes industry in 1968, expanding even more markets and products till to be nowadays one of the leading manufacturers of cakes in Europe, with a daily capacity of more than 150 tons.

The Company is located in Castiglione Stiviere, in the North of Italy, between Milan and Venice, in the surroundings of Lake of Garda.


The production is developed on three plants:

1°. small cakes in 8 units pack ( Dolcetto, Ballerina)

daily capacity: 1.000.000 units – 25 tons

2°. small cakes in 10 units pack (Buondolce, Moretta)
daily capacity: 1.000.000 units – 30 tons

swiss rolls (Pic Nic, Swiss Roll) and cakes (O'Mamma, LaGioia)
daily capacity: 180.000 units – 54 tons

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